A Prayer for the Inevitable Stepping on of Toes

This prayer was written after I attended a wonderful gathering of women from around the world. All were hoping to share of their own traditions and learn to be sisters with other women. It was beautiful, hopeful, heartful and hard. Damn hard. And so, here it goes.

My own little toes…

A Prayer for the Inevitable Stepping on of Toes

It is a given whenever people gather together~mingle, dance, move~someone’s toes are going to get stepped on. A lot of someone’s. At least as long as we are human, at least as long as we have toes, as least as long as we get lost in our own minds and fail to see the sister/brother/spirit sibling beside us, the stepping on of toes is inevitable.

For at least that long, there will be times we are dancing along and we will not see this otherself is dancing beside us and we will turn and BOOP~smashed up toes. Maybe even an elbow connected with an eye. Ouch! And our sister/brother/friend is hurting.

This prayer is for what happens next.

With the help of our helpers and the guidance of our guides, we will not say to our sister/brother/friend~

Why are you in my way? Where are your shoes? You know this wouldn’t hurt if you would just put on some damn shoes!

No. We will not say that.

And we will not say~

Oh! I didn’t see you there! Why are you sneaking up on people like that? Don’t you know the quiet ones always get stepped on?

No. We will not say that.

And we will not say~

I’m just making a little joke. Don’t you get it? Don’t you have a sense of humor? You know, if we can’t laugh about our pain we’re never going to get anywhere. Don’t you know humor is a weapon against oppression?

No. We will not say that. Never that.

And when we are so lost in our own dance, when we are spinning and twirling without full awareness of our body’s passage through spacetime…when we are walking along with our head in the clouds, with our thoughts spinning circles in our mind…when we are not aware we have even stepped upon our otherselves toes and our sister/brother/friend says, “Hey! You stepped on my toes! Watch it You!”

We will not say~

You watch it! You look were YOU are going!

No. We will not say that.

And when our sister/brother/friend says “Excuse me, please, you are standing on my toes, it hurts so, will you please move?”

We will not say~

What? Huh? Oh, you were there? Huh. It’s hurts you say? Does it hurt less if I scootch over here a bit? I mean, I know I’m still on your toes, but it’s not as bad, right? It just hurts a little, right? Because you know I really like this spot. Maybe you should remove your toes from under my feet and got sit over there. Yes. That should work.

Oh no Spirits, Elders, Guides. We will not say that. We will not say that.

And we will not say~

I don’t have time for all this! I am in the middle of a great work, a great ceremony! Don’t you get how important my work is! I don’t have time to stop for your little hurt toes, little sister/brother/friend. I have much more important things to do than worry about your poor little toes.

Oh no. We will not say that. Not here. Not this time.

We WILL say~

Oh! My sister/brother/friend! I have stepped on you! You are in pain! I am so sorry my otherself. Let me help you back up. What do you need? What can I do to heal this wound?

Please may I get some salve for your toes? Please, may I place my hands here so I can pray to release all the pain that I can? May I call for your family, your familiars? Those who can support you best, who know the ways of healing among your people?

Yes, this is what we will say. Because we know. We know!

Our elders,

our spirits,

our guides,

our creators,

our holy ones.

Our earth,

our stars,

our moons,

our planets.

Our mothers,

our fathers,

our grandmothers,

our grandfathers.

All of our relations.

We know you love our otherself just as you love us.

And we know, we know, we must learn to love our sisters, our brothers, our friends, just as you all love all of us.

And we know, we know, all the teachings, all the ceremonies, all the prophecies lead us to this understanding ~ We, ourselves and otherselves, are precious. We are each and all as precious and true and sacred as all the teachings, all the ceremonies, and all the prophecies.

Now, we know some pain is inevitable, here in the world of forms….

And much good is brought forth into the light, dar al luz, with the right kind of pain, the right kind of discomfort. We are not talking about that pain.

We are talking about the pain of thoughtlessness, of ill consideration, of forgetfulness, or inattention. Of forgetting.

That pain ~

When we see it, we will know it, we will own our part of it and we will work together to heal it. We will not ignore, minimize, continue the pain of the stepped-on toes.

Because we know we are not talking about just toes, precious as they are.

We are talking about the most sensitive parts of ourselves. The parts that reach out to touch our mother Earth and find our path, our way in this world. The parts of ourselves filled with nerves and connectors to all the other parts of ourselves. The parts of ourselves that are so sensitive. So tender. So flexible. So strong.

And so we offer this prayer, Oh Wise Ones, for blessings upon all of our tender places, all of our wounds and weaknesses, and we pray to be mindful of each and every of our otherselves.

With our prayers and our good hearts we go forth to bless all the broken places so all may be Whole.

So say we all.


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