A Prayer for Focus

I joined The Dark Goddess Lodge awhile back, when I bought a deck of the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. Lodge members receive a tarot spread each new moon, based on the theme card for the month. I use the spreads as a personal meditation for the month. The June spread was for the 3 of Air, Blue Dakini. The spread is about severing ties to that which no longer serves ~ cutting cords. I have been reading Mary Shutan’s book The Complete Cord Cutting Course: Working with Cords through Energy Work and Shamanic Healing, so this spread very much connect to me. I created this prayer out of some of the cards I pulled for myself. I am sharing this prayer here, in the hopes that it might be useful for someone else, or may inspire you to compose your own prayer, for your own needs.

I am hoping ~ working ~ today for focus.
To say “no thank you” to distractions and “other goods.”

How can I walk through this situation in a way I can be proud of?

Source of Life, Friends, Keepers of the Seeds~

Help me walk with purpose.

And if I don’t know my purpose
Help me stay silent, still
Until I realize my purpose and know which direction to turn my feet.

Hekate ~ Light my way, oh Torchbearer.

Cailleach ~ Turn my gaze away from distractions, oh Giant One.

Qadesh ~ Blend my worlds, oh Lover.


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