So I Don’t Forget…

In June I went to a retreat with my dear friend and counselor Lynda Steele. Lynda’s Riverhouse is located in northwestern Michigan, near Traverse City. On one rainy afternoon we went to the home/workshop of Gwen Frostic. There I found a basket of notepads with a sign saying “These little pads are delightful for Thoughts so Easily Forgotten.” I felt an immediate ping and resonance because I forget many of my thoughts very easily. So I followed my heart and bought the little pad of notepaper (along with several other goodies!).

Initially, I used the notepad for what amount as a to-do list, but then I used it to right down a key idea from the retreat I wanted to hang on to and I had an “ah ha!” ~ I prefer dedicating the notepad to more timeless instructions to myself than “remember you wanted to check out this website/call this person/write that post.”

Now my practice is to write down thoughts that help me center and stay connected to my root self. I glean those thoughts from all over ~ from books and blogs I read to conversations with friends in various spiritual and therapeutic circles. The past two months I’ve been carrying all the thoughts with me in my purse or backpack. I’ve got quite a stack now ~ and I’m thinking sorting out what I most what to remember and carry with me each day is another potentially useful practice to explore.

I thought some of these thoughts might be resonate with others as well, so I’m sharing a few in the picture below.

Top Row:
What if I didn’t minimize the work I do?
Maybe yes-es are beacons of No. Havi 6/23/16
There is always resistance when soul leans into something ~ Go against ego’s desire to remain unchanged and do it anyway.

Bottom Row:
Hold it Lightly.
Sometimes when I try to be gentle, I end up being passive instead.
Remember: solar plexus and throat support the heart [chakra]

Another image…

As I collect more of this thoughts I’ll continue to share ~ weekly? monthly? as Spirit moves.


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