I’ve been listening to the podcast Why Shamanism Now off and on for several months now, at the suggestion of my friend Crysanthemum. The host has a phrase that has really stuck with me: “What you do every day is your practice.”

I’ve been considering what I do every day: drink coffee with honey, cream and coconut oil. Read. Visit with my stones. Say “Hello/Good Morning” “Good Night” and “I love you” to my spouse and two children. Pet my pup. Give them all kisses. Practices of peace, calm & love. Not too bad. 

I’ve also tried to cultivate some additional practices in the past few weeks, focused on holding attention and gathering strength. Sitting on the porch with my coffee and reading material each morning, with the hope of connecting to Spirit before engaging with “the world.” Writing. Praying, or connecting, with my Guides/Spiritual allies. And taking pictures of the moon:

Mars,Saturn&The Moon, 9/7/16

Moon & wire bound electricity 9/6/16

Moon over the neighbor’s house, 8/30/16

Moon through trees, 8/26/16

Early Morning Moon, Butterfly Lake, 8/21/16

I haven’t been able to take a photo of the moon every day – somedays she is just not visible due to mountains, or my inability to wake up early or stay up late. Or she is New and not capturable by my phone camera. On those days – and sometimes moon days as well – I take photos of our garden:


Lime Mint in Bloom

I’ve found this new practice has in fact helped me bring my attention more fully to the present. And has gotten me out of doors more, at hours I don’t normally go out of doors.

I think I’ll keep going with this photo practice.