Little Prayers

Many months ago I was driving to Orem to visit a friend. Traffic was significantly slowed down due to an accident with two semis. I was not in a huge hurry and was listening to favorite podcasts, so I was not worried or inconvenienced by the accident. But I knew many people were in a hurry, were likely upset and frustrated by the delay, and wanting to find any opening to allow them to escape the slow down.

I remembered a practice I started while driving back to Salt Lake from Taos. I rarely drive more than a couple miles, so I don’t practice it much. But, I felt inspired to sing a Prayer for Emergency Roadside Asistance. There isn’t a set rhythm or tune. The words are sung plainsong or chanting style:

May everyone give you the space you need to do your restorative work.

Peace and patience to all drivers despite the delay.

Thank you for putting yourselves at risk to clean up our accidents and get us to safety.

Thank you for removing obstacles in our path and keeping our passageways clear.

We are heading into the time of year when there are many workers out in the road, fixing potholes, widening lanes and so forth. This is a prayersong for them:

May all those who drive past you slow down and show respect for your work.

May you be clear headed and do your work correctly, so all who use your work are benefited and held in safety.