Clearing Entanglements

Some background:

For many years I have been working on my entanglements with certain other people, the way that I take on other people’s problems as my own problems, and how my own emotional state can get wound up in the emotional state of others. I also have this tendency to constantly measure myself against other people’s accomplishments, or at least what I envision as their accomplishments. For many years, nay decades, I have measured myself against my image of other people and always found myself coming up short.

But, in constantly measuring myself against others, or allowing myself to get entangled in their work, I neglected my own work both spiritually and materially.

One night I was in my meditation nook, really pondering these questions and the following process / prayer came into my mind pretty much whole cloth. And after said this prayer for one particular individual, I realized how helpful it would be if I repeated the prayer for all of the people within my lineage.

There are certain issues in my family that have been repeated across generations (I believe this is true for most families), and I have found this particular prayer very useful for me in releasing the traumas of the past so that I might fully live in my own present.

So with that, here is the prayer / process. I hope it may be of use to you as well.

Call the person who’s entwinement with your path you would like to clear into your mind’s eye. Think about what they look like, what they sound like, how you feel in their presence. Call them into your mind as strongly as you can, taking care for your own heart’s safety.

When you are ready, proceed with this prayer:

This is {name individual}. {Name} has their own path to walk.

{Name’s} path is not my path; my path is not {Name’s} path.

{Name’s} process is not a reflection on my process; my process is not a reflection upon {Name’s} process.

{Name’s} Journey belongs to them. Blessings upon them.

(Let yourself feel a blessing, a kindness on this person, at whatever level that you are capable of at this time).

If you are praying for generational healing, state this at the end of each round, to send the energy of release throughout the generations:

What I say for one, I say for all.